Why use Twitter Archive Eraser to delete tweets, favorites, and Direct Messages?

Twitter Archive Eraser is an application that helps Twitter users clean up their accounts by allowing them to bulk delete old tweets, favorites (likes) and DMs in one go — well beyond the 3200 limit.

It allows users to regain their privacy and reset on Twitter while keeping their accounts, followers, and best performing tweets.

We launched version 6 of the app a few weeks ago. In this post, we will discuss why you should choose Twitter Archive Eraser to clean up your Twitter account.

With so many solutions out there claiming to be able to delete your tweets, we understand our app might seem as yet another dysfunctional service. We have full faith in the efficiency, reliability, and convenience of Twitter Archive Eraser and we would like to prove to you that it’s the best service for cleaning up your twitter account.

Twitter Archive Eraser deleted 70k tweets.

It actually deletes thousands of tweets

This is the most obvious reason for choosing Twitter Archive Eraser. It can delete thousands of your tweets (even more than 100,000 tweets!) No matter how many tweets you have or how old they are (even if published more than 10 years ago.)
Many services out there are technically limited to less than 3200 tweets and barely deliver on that. Others that can delete beyond this limit require you to upload your Twitter archive to their servers and take days to delete your tweets.

User deleted more than 75k tweets in about an hour and 15 minutes. In one shot!

Delete Direct Messages and favorites (likes)

Twitter Archive Eraser can delete Direct Messages created after around 2014; even if you have thousands of them.

Security & Privacy

For maximum security, Twitter Archive Eraser runs fully on your computer. This means no data from your Twitter archive is ever uploaded to our servers.


We believe Twitter Archive Eraser is the best performing tweets clean up service ever! You can delete up to 6000 tweets per minute. You can see them getting deleted in real time (see video).

Loading +100k with Twitter Archive Eraser.

Sync & keep your best tweets in one click!

Using our service you can keep your best tweets from years ago, and delete everything else. With one click, Twitter Archive Eraser brings your most retweets and Favorited tweets to the top of the screen. With another click, you can select all tweets that are not as popular and have them deleted.
In order to get the most up to date picture of your best tweets, Twitter Archive Eraser can sync up to 2000 tweet per second (that’s right, second!) to bring the latest stats about your tweets.

Search by keywords/delete tweets by time range

You can search for tweets by keywords or Regular Expressions. This allows you to find tweets that you’re mentioned in, find retweets, replies to other users etc. You can also select tweets by time period.

Free version and preview of premium features

We understand you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on an app that doesn’t work (we wouldn’t ourselves!)
This is why Twitter Archive Eraser has a free version that you can use to delete up to a 1000 tweets per week. You also can preview all the premium features for free to make sure the app delivers on its promises and meets your expectations before choosing to purchase a premium license.

Our users love Twitter Archive Eraser

Browse the comments section on our website or see our users’ testimonials. Look for Twitter Archive Eraser for the many guides by our users on YouTube and social media.

We hope that you’ll choose Twitter Archive Eraser to clean up your Twitter account and make small steps in regaining your privacy online.

Get started now, download the free version of Twitter Archive Eraser. We guarantee you’ll love it:


Bulk delete old tweets & DMs in one go — well beyond the 3200 limit. We help you clean up your Twitter profile — while keeping your account and best tweets.

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